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Waste Less Living


Congratulations! So you’ve finally found out about Waste Less Living.  Great!

We are now 301  ORGANICS and eager to be of service to you!

 We are in business to help you do the right thing from start to finish when it comes to sustainability planning and food waste recovery…whether at your place of work, for your next big event, child’s birthday party, school function, office luncheon, or even in your own home!  Food waste and other types of organic material are being lost to landfills by the tons each day causing silent damage to our environment.  We can help reverse this trend…….immediately! We are all about recovering and transforming what you think is trash into something that is beneficial for the environment……nutrient enriched soil or COMPOST! So let us help you help the planet.  With a little bit of education, retraining and commitment to generating less waste and composting, we can have a positive impact on our environment and ensure a more sustainable future for our children.  We welcome you to explore our site and find out the many ways you can do your part and become our partner for change.  It can merely start with your next party, having us compost for you or inviting us to join your sustainability team!

AB 1826 ALERT!

California’s Mandatory Food Waste Recycling Law

  Does your company or business need to comply with AB 1826?   We can most definitely help and you will be surprised to learn of the many non-hauling options available that will actually help you save money and the planet.   We have been actively engaged in designing and implementing food waste recycling programs for the past 7 years now and know the “ins” and “outs” of best food waste recovery and diversion practices. We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your partner for sustainability!  Give us a call for a COMPLIMENTARY 1 hour consultation.


Christine Lenches-Hinkel


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