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Aveson’s June Jubilee!

On Sunday, June 3rd, 2012, for the 3rd year in a row, we were at the scene for Aveson’s June Jubilee fundraiser at Farnsworth Park.  It was a significantly poignant event because they produced substantial less volume than the year previous. They cut their volume by half! Last year they had 238.6 lbs. organic material, compared to this year with only 112 lbs. (See image below to view the small amount of organic material collected!)



Tour of Aveson and High Point Academy by City & County Representatives

On Wednesday, May 9th LA County Public Works officials from their Environmental Programs Division, City of Pasadena Public Works officials and recycling coordinators, along with Noreen Sullivan (Field Representative to City Councilman Gene Masuda) and Tina Williams (Field Representative to City Councilwoman Jackie Robinson), came out to tour Waste Less Living’s organics recovery program at High Point Academy and Aveson Charter School.

May 2012

They witnessed first-hand the program in action and observed students sorting and monitoring their waste. Follow-up meetings to discuss program implementation in other schools are underway.

may 2012

UPDATE: July 3, 2012!

As you know, in mid-June of this year Waste Less Living, Inc. decided to move forward with the submittal of an application for a small-business grant through the Chase & Living Social program. Through Chase’s “Mission: Small Business Program” 12 small businesses will be offered $250,000 for growing their business.  In order to become one of the candidates we needed your vote and your action through the Missionsmallbusiness.com website…and we got it!

UPDATE: (July 3, 2012) Good news!! We got our 250 votes needed for the MissionSmallBusiness grant consideration. Whether we are selected for the grant or not, this afforded us the opportunity to advertise our services and products on a broader scale. Thank you for your patience as we endeavored to spread the word about this opportunity. And we are extremely grateful for your support and efforts in connecting with friends and family on our behalf.

PUSD/IdealYouth Internship program with Waste Less Living!

This is a two-week commitment on our part working with Pasadena Unified School Department and Ideal Youth. Ideal Youth is the PUSD College and Careers Pathways partner with whom they collaborate to provide pre-placement workshops for summer internships. Waste Less Living, Inc. will be taking on two high school graduates to assist in the office to learn about our company and about green job opportunities, both with Waste Less Living and beyond!

JPL World Heritage Day!

On Thursday, May 31st, 2012, we were given another opportunity to assist JPL in recovering their organics with approximately 15 food vendors…all providing samples of food around the world. You can imagine the amount of organic material generated. With Waste Less Living on the scene, we were able to recover 585 lbs of organic material.

We were so pleased to have our newly trained staff service this event. And they took on their roles seriously and remarkably.

Aveson Charter School Visits Composting & Recycling Center!

(image: Aveson Student with Compost Pile in Background)

On Friday, May 4th, Waste Less Living, Inc. helped orchestrate a tour to the recycling and composting facility that processes the organic waste they recover each day at school.  Students witness first-hand the behind-the-scenes sorting process and composting process!

Introducing The Waste Less Living TEAM!

At long last……Waste Less Living is excited to announce the revival of our blog: “Urban living…the Waste Less Living Way”. What? You didn’t know we even had a blog….well, yes, in fact, we do, but it has been dormant for a while and didn’t have an official title because……[insert millions of excuses here!]. OK….all kidding aside, we are ramping up our outreach efforts because over the course of the last few months, our community of Waste Less Living supporters, partners and customers has been growing, growing and growing! This blog of ours is intended to maintain an on-going line of communication and dialogue with you…to share all the wonderful, creative, and easy to do things our team of dedicated staff have been coming up with to ‘waste less’ in their daily lives. The blog will also serve as a repository of posts addressing a variety of environmental concerns that keep creeping up in our society as they relate to waste and our natural resources….with the objective, of course, to strengthen the case and argument that COMPOSTING is the answer to many, if not, ALL of our environmental problems.

When you subscribe to our blog, you will be able to follow us on our journey as we charge forward with carrying out our mission and expanding our business. The blog will have posts to report on the numerous ways you CAN integrate ‘waste less’ ways and sustainable practices into your own lives…..without having to compromise your standard of living. We intend for our blog to be a turning point and resource base from which you can learn about the small steps you can take to make change on a larger scale…because it is what WE, our staff, are doing already. Posts to our blog will be uploaded on a regular basis by several contributing authors who make up our current team. I guess this is a good time to introduce you to a few of them…….so here goes:

Stella Franco-Allen has been with Waste Less Living for over a year now and has proven to be such a valuable asset. She is one of our premiere Account Representatives and truly enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge about composting and sustainability. She is a mother of two daughters, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education from Cal State LA, and has recently completed the Sustainability Resource Management training program from California Resource Recovery Association. Stella is thrilled to have her 14 year old daughter, Miranda Allen, to partner with to post and share their enthusiasm and ideas on how to “Waste Less” at home and at school. Miranda Allen, a freshman at Mayfield Senior School in Pasadena, holds her own accomplishments in helping to better the environment and getting her home and school communities involved. Awarded City of Pasadena Outstanding Recycler Award 2008 for the category of Individual Voluntary Development of a Source Reduction Program along with designing, executing, and servicing programs in the community, at school, and in her neighborhood; Miranda is well equipped and energized to share the benefits and needs for recycling and composting.

Jim Pickering has joined the Waste Less Living team. He has always been interested in green technology, and truly understands the need for sustainability. He is in the process of getting his CRRA Certification, and hopes to follow up by pursuing his LEED Certification in Operations. He has extensive experience in the corporate world doing in Marketing, and more recently consulting, doing branding and process improvements for small businesses. His love of the outdoors has made him acutely aware of the impact we have as individuals on the environment. He is passionate about making a difference without being obtrusive. He adds “you can make an impact by making subtle, but significant thoughtful changes”. Awareness and education will help affect consumer buying habits and eventually how manufacturing is done. He has a particular interest in reducing excessive packaging and packaging materials. Jim resides in Altadena, and has lived in the area for twenty years. He has a bachelor’s degree in Design & Marketing Communications from San Diego State University, and is the father of two teenage children.

Quoleshna Elbert, too, recently joined our team. Quoleshna (also known as “Q!”)Graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a bachelor’s degree emphasizing Art, Marketing and Environmental Design. Her path shows a passion for valuing people and resources while actively pursuing healthy community: whether it is through creating social media on behalf of a non-profit organization promoting parental involvement in our youth’s education; or volunteering as Community Care Coordinator for the Arroyo Time Bank (a not-for-profit encouraging local economy in Pasadena). Quoleshna personally engages in the art of resourcefulness by uncovering the treasure found in surplus fabrics; from which she develops tasteful, artistic handmade clothing, accessories and home decor. She’s always excited to share similar inventive finds and is happy to be part of a team offering its knowledge, resources and daring on behalf of those who want to walk the road more fruitful!

So, with the introductions out of the way…..you can now subscribe here to theirs feed” to receive notifications of our latest blog posts. If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of something big, meaningful and life transforming, then join in on the conversation and be a part of our journey! Better still…tell your friends and family to join in and subscribe to our blog.”