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Another Perspective: Insight From One of Our Summer Interns!

PUSD students have just completed their internship with Waste Less Living through a summer youth internship program offered through Ideal Youth and funded through Pasadena Education Foundation (PEF). We were grateful for these two young ladies –both John Muir High School Senior graduates– for their completing all the projects and tasks assigned to them. They were each very diligent and professional and we wish them the best in both their academic and professional careers. 

Gain perspective through one intern’s journey as she talks about her time with Waste Less Living, Inc.:


My name is Evelyn and I am a high school graduate from John Muir High School in Pasadena.  Through the Muir Business and Entrepreneurship College and Career Pathway, I have been able to join an internship program called Ideal Youth.  Ideal Youth partners with the Pathways program to provide workshops that further prepare me for internship opportunities with companies within Pasadena and surrounding areas in order to acquire hands on business education and on-site training that help students prepare to enter the workforce.

Through Ideal Youth, I was paired with a small, zero-waste consulting company in Pasadena called Waste Less Living.  From my experience, Waste Less Living is a very unique company.  Waste Less Living provides schools, residents, and businesses with the education, tools, and services they need to help the environment.  Waste Less Living teaches about the importance of diverting waste from reaching the landfills and the benefits of composting such items as corn-made cups and food scraps.  Having this opportunity of working with Waste Less Living has given me a wider understanding of what helping the environment is.

Recycling is not enough; using compostable products and diverting compostable items from reaching the landfills is what makes the difference.  Not only did I learn the environmental side of the company, I was able to look at how invoices are formatted and kept in a data base.  I improved my Microsoft Excel skills and also learned about online services such as Dropbox.

Interning at Waste Less Living has definitely been a great learning experience.

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