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We can buy half the head of cabbage? Really?

sliced cabbage, buy by weight, Whole Foods

“…when you’re shopping in the produce department at Whole Foods, you should pay close attention to the items sold by weight. Why? Because when foods are sold by weight, you should only buy as much as you need.

This sounds obvious, but Valentine gave a helpful example: if you only want one celery stalk and not the whole bunch, you can break off that one stalk and purchase it. Or when you want half a head of cabbage, you can have a produce representative cut it for you.

We’ll admit, Valentine’s suggestions blew our minds a little bit. We can buy half the head of cabbage? Really? Just think of how much produce waste we could eliminate by not buying all that stuff we know we’ll never use. So, we wanted to investigate this a bit further and find out how this works at Whole Foods and whether this same practice can be used in other produce venues. Will other supermarkets allow this? Will farmers markets, where customers often buy by weight already, permit us to break off a stalk of celery? Keep reading to find out. What you learn might just cut your grocery bill and your household food waste at the same time.”


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Put Your Coffee and Tea to Work!

Did you know you can use your spent coffee and tea bags for several things, including compost…and beyond!

For instance, both coffee grounds and tea bags are excellent deodorizers and can work wonders on your hands after chopping stinky foods like garlic, onions and fish.
After prepping your nightly meal, simply rub loose green tea leaves or tea bags onto your hands before washing with warm water and soap.
Use spent coffee grounds in the same way to remove food odors and leave your hands feeling smooth, soft and rejuvenated.

1. Remove cooking odors from your hands

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