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Monthly Archives: February 2013

WLL, Repurpose Compostables & Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Close the Loop!


 (photo courtesy of http://sustain.ucla.edu)

We are so excited to team up with UCLA Cal Delta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity & Repurpose Compostables! This partnership provides such a great model of how key each role is in the process of intentional sustainable living: from production to consumption to recovery.

Here is an excerpt from the article found on UCLA’s Sustainability page!

This winter, the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon took it upon themselves to find a solution that benefits the environment, the fraternity, and local businesses, as well. The answer? A novel partnership using only plant-based materials and regular pickup for composting that aims to close the loop on a disposable cup’s lifecycle.

Read more about our exciting new venture partnering Waste Less Living, Inc. with  UCLA Cal Delta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Repurpose Compostables!

Utterly Fashionable – A Dress Made from Milk & More!


“… Qmilk is the trademarked name for a form of milk fiber, a silky textile derived from an odorless protein found in mammalian milk. Domaske extracts casein only from soured “secondary milk” that’s no longer for human consumption and headed for disposable. Unlike comparable milk-based fibers, Qmilk makes efficient use of water (2 liters for every kilogram of fabric), requires no harmful chemicals, and leaves behind zero waste.”

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