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An Important Update Regarding Our Eco-Boutique: Walnut

Dear Faithful Friends and Supporters:
On behalf of the Waste Less Living and the Walnut teams, we thank you for your support, encouragement, and patronage as we endeavor to bring you services and products that foster good stewardship of our planet.  It is through conscious consumers such as yourselves, that help us advance our mission and vision for Waste Less Living. 
In retrospect, the launching of the Walnut store has no doubt brought greater awareness within the local marketplace of alternative products and services that promote a more sustainable way of living for the urbanite.  Regrettably, despite how well the store was received by the community in just the few short months since we opened our doors, we have decided to discontinue operations.  Our storefront is no longer as of October 17, 2013.  The decision is due in large part to the realization that we truly need to focus all of our attention and resources on the grand plan of making commercial composting a viable and most preferable option for managing our food and compostable tableware waste.
This was not an easy decision to make, considering how well the store complimented and brought to life the mission of Waste Less Living.  For this experience, and for the countless people we have had the pleasure of meeting and being introduced to, we are so blessed, and trust that this was meant to be.  Rest assured, a bigger and bolder store is on the horizon, whether it be through Waste Less Living or some other inspired group of people. 
Thank you again for your understanding and continued support as we continue our journey to build a new kind of waste management infrastructure, one that is predicated on true sustainable practices and principles. 
Please feel free to reach out at any time.  We welcome any opportunity to discuss ways we can help improve the state of our environment. 
Sincerely and in gratitude,



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