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Chandler School Did It! 237.6 lbs of Material Going Back to Compost


We had such a great time serving Chandler School this past weekend!

All the youth dressed in garb that honored the diverse lineages and cultures that the sch0ol’s community boasts! It was such a colorful array and all the students (and parents) enjoyed the many dishes, celebrating a variety of ethnic traditions.

Waste Less Living’s staff helped guide students, parents and administrators to ensure that the 100% compostable cups and utensils (made of corn and not plastic!), plates, napkins and–of course–food(!) made it to the compost receptacle (vs. recycle or landfill).

Thanks to Chandler School’s heart for doing an event well, and our desire to partner and support such efforts, 237.6 lbs of material made it to the compost facility…and is being turned into compost and good soil as we speak!


Thank you Chandler for contributing to a healthier earth to be enjoyed for future students, parents, administrators…and for the rest of us, too!

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