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The 28th Annual Waldorf Elve’s Faire – 2013!


Four of the seven members of Waste Less Living’s team for the Waldorf School’s 28th Annual Elve’s Faire

It was a perfect day for families and friends of Waldorf to explore the many booths for crafts, games, food and more! And with approximately 5,000 attendees is was the largest event Waste Less Living, Inc. has served, yet!

 On Saturday, November 23, 2013 Waste Less Living, Inc. had the priviledge of serving at Waldorf School’s 28th Annual Elve’s Faire.

Kids of all ages were in attendence: from babies being held close to mother or fathers’ hearts, to teenagers exploring the grounds with their peers, to grown-up kids enjoying the array of music/sounds, people, natural scenery and food, food, food!

The Waste Less Living, Inc. team was very busy the entire time as our members directed attendees as to how to properly sort items. Thankfully, since Waldorf decided to use all compostable tableware, almost everything went right into our compost bins!

As you can see below, the results are a bin that is about 90% full of material headed to become good compost (instead of harmful additions to the landfill)!


Waldorf’s initiative and our partnership with them successfully diverted approximately 87% of what was generated during the event, from the landfill!

78% of what was generated was compostable (weighing 1,884 lbs)! 9% of what was generated went to recyclables (weighing at 227 lbs)!


This bin is 90% full…of compostable material! Waste Less Living, Inc. sorted and delivers these goods to a facility that will help turn all of this into healthy soil!

Congratulations, Waldorf School (located at 209 East Mariposa, Altadena, CA)

We look forward to serving you, again!

Green Schools…Growing From Coast to Coast!

There’s a new Sheriff in town…well, at least in Manhattan, New York.
And by “sheriff” I mean school! Emphasizing the human relationship with nature, New Amsterdam seeks to teach healthy habits to the generations to come!


Waldorf education focuses on meeting the developmental needs of children with an emphasis on healthy food, natural toys and activities, and organic, seasonal rhythms. New Amsterdam School has met a need for downtown New York City parents, and every year the number of enrolled students has grown dramatically, with new classes added each year to keep up with demand. 

Waste Less Living realizes the impact that early education regarding our natural resources will have on our society. It is one reason we advocate our services particularly in school settings!


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Source: Inhabitat