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Green Schools…Growing From Coast to Coast!

There’s a new Sheriff in town…well, at least in Manhattan, New York.
And by “sheriff” I mean school! Emphasizing the human relationship with nature, New Amsterdam seeks to teach healthy habits to the generations to come!


Waldorf education focuses on meeting the developmental needs of children with an emphasis on healthy food, natural toys and activities, and organic, seasonal rhythms. New Amsterdam School has met a need for downtown New York City parents, and every year the number of enrolled students has grown dramatically, with new classes added each year to keep up with demand. 

Waste Less Living realizes the impact that early education regarding our natural resources will have on our society. It is one reason we advocate our services particularly in school settings!


Read more: New Green Grade School To Open in East Village – New Amsterdam Will Be Downtown Manhattan’s First Waldorf School | Inhabitat New York City

Source: Inhabitat

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