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Monthly Archives: March 2016

AB 1826 – So what is that all about….

AB 1826 is California’s landmark food scraps recycling law that was signed by Governor Brown back in 2014 which goes into affect come April 1, 2016.  Commercial businesses generating 8 cy or more in food waste a week (to start) are mandated to have some kind of organics recycling program or service in place.  This is a huge boon to the composting world…though the best and highest use of the uneaten food should be for human and animal consumption first, composting second!  The organization Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) and the LA Food Policy Council are working on just that.  What an amazing group of dedicated and passionate people.  Check out their work on their websites:

LAANE  http://www.laane.org/what-we-do/projects/the-dwla-project

LA Food Policy Council  http://goodfoodla.org/

Reflections from Westridge Intern

So….last summer, Julia Knorr, a sophmore from Westridge High School in Pasadena, contacted Waste Less Living for an internship!  We were delighted and went straight to work.  For 3 months, we connected each week to discuss the latest development in the industry and local regulatory challenges we faced as a budding and emerging composting service business.  Julia did a superb job of relating her understanding of what was going on.  Check out her blog site here:  https://wastelesstolivemore.wordpress.com/author/wastelesstolivemore/

High Point Academy Going Strong….

Today, High Point Academy documented a 84% waste diversion rate…materials that will be kept out of the landfill.  Of that, 76% was compostable destined for composting.  The school is gearing up for their Earth Day Event on April 22, 2016 and eager to share how they do it!  Within two weeks time, the 7th grade students will be embarking on a science experiment to study the water conservation benefits of using compost on their athletic field.  The results will be shared at the Green School Showcase event on 4/22/16.  The public is invited!  Be on the look out for announcements and press releases in the coming weeks.