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Welcome WALNUT!

On Friday, June 7th Waste Less Living, Inc. opened the doors to its new store: WALNUT !

Located at 2104 East Walnut Street, WALNUT is a composting eco-boutique promoting eco-friendly products and services, from rich compost to compostable party goods; from reusable household items, to locally made gifts, art and bath & body products – even the most advanced garden system on the market today! Walnut is the place for all things local and sustainable!

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You can visit WALNUT online on facebook: http://facebook.com/walnutboutique ! Make sure to also stop by in-person to check out our growing list of local vendors and to witness the Tower Garden’s growth for yourself (by grabbing a few tasty bites right off of it)!


Save the Date! May 24th – High Point Academy and Waste Less Living Press Conference!

On May 24th, High Point Academy students and Waste Less Living will hold a press conference to reveal the results of a recent student-led study and to report on their waste diversion efforts from years past. We invite you to join us as the results of this one-of-a-kind, student-led study are revealed! Several elected officials are to be notified and invited to the event to show support for their efforts.

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Bottleless Water Coolers are…Cool!

Did you ever think of this simple way to save waste, time and money?

glass of water

Filtering your water on-site via bottleless water coolers–versus water coolers with bottles–

  • can reduce/eliminate the 140 million kilowatt hours of electricity needed to manufacture plastic jugs, fill them with 5 gallons of water and transport them to offices across America.
  • can reduce/eliminate the 6 million gallons of fuel used just to manufacture plastic bottles for the water cooler market in the US every year (1.5 million barrels of oil are used between this and the transportation of said water bottles…every year!)
  • can reduce/eliminate the 70 million pounds of waste sent to landfill referred to earlier.

 Read more on Bottleless Water Coolers!

GREEN ROOFS! The Ultimate “Trickle-Down” Effect!

Thinking of our space in not-so-obvious ways can result in very efficient solutions! Here, common roofs are thought of as a garden waiting to happen.

Here are a few benefits of this unique and adventurous endeavor!

Green roofs…

  • last longer than conventional roofs;
  • reduce energy costs with natural insulation;
  • create peaceful retreats for people and animals;
  • absorb storm water, potentially lessening the need for complex and expensive drainage systems;
  • improve air quality;
  • help reduce the intense heat that collects in city and suburban developments.

Would you consider a green roof?

Read more at this article featured on How Stuff Works!

WLL, Repurpose Compostables & Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Close the Loop!


 (photo courtesy of http://sustain.ucla.edu)

We are so excited to team up with UCLA Cal Delta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity & Repurpose Compostables! This partnership provides such a great model of how key each role is in the process of intentional sustainable living: from production to consumption to recovery.

Here is an excerpt from the article found on UCLA’s Sustainability page!

This winter, the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon took it upon themselves to find a solution that benefits the environment, the fraternity, and local businesses, as well. The answer? A novel partnership using only plant-based materials and regular pickup for composting that aims to close the loop on a disposable cup’s lifecycle.

Read more about our exciting new venture partnering Waste Less Living, Inc. with  UCLA Cal Delta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Repurpose Compostables!

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