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Photo: Want to learn more about Tower Gardens? Watch how quickly you can grow your food at home! http://ow.ly/lFVFbTower Gardens

If you would like to… eat healthier, eat fresher foods, reduce your bill at the grocery store, reduce TRIPS to the grocery store, reduce the amount of produce and packaging wasted, and watch your own personal garden grow in minimum space and with minimum effort…

You’ll want to check this out!

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Grow Fruits and Vegetables (Beans, Lettuce, Melons, Peas, Basil, Cilantro, Cucumbers, Tomatos, to name a few!) And even grow your own flowers!   The Tower Garden is the only product on the market that offers all of the above at an affordable rate. Visit our website for details about the very reasonable, monthly payment plan offered.

Check out how quickly you can have your own compact garden, as featured in this 15-second clip – https://wastelessliving.towergarden.com/what-is-tower-garden/photos-videos

Waste Less Living, Inc. has been in business for over five years and seeks to encourage a healthy lifestyle that includes at-home food production and the reduction of the waste generated in our daily lives. For details about our latest offer, visit our Tower Garden homepage at https://wastelessliving.towergarden.com/.

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