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Thank you for your inquiry and interest in going zero-waste for your upcoming event. We are happy to be of service to you! If you can provide us with a few pieces of information, we can prepare a price quote from which to start. The following questions include some "waste-less" tips and pre-planning suggestions that will help with the preparation of the estimate.



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1. Date of your event?

2. How many guests expected?
Adults: Children:

3. Do you plan on hiring a caterer?
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If yes, is it OK to contact them?
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If yes, please provide name and phone number of catering company.


4. What kinds of foods will you be serving for appetizers, the main course, and dessert? (What utensils will you need? Forks? Spoons? Knives?)


Main Course:


Utensils Needed:

TIP: finger foods are strongly advised - cuts down on need for utensils! If individually packaged foods/snacks are to be provided, please let us know.

5. What kind of beverages will you be serving? Hot/cold?
Kinds of beverages:

TIP: For coffee, please avoid offering plastic stirrers and individual cream containers. Waste Less Living can provide wooden stirrers and cream can be served from carafes or the carton itself.
TIP: Avoid individually packaged drinks in bottles, cans, juice pouches or juice boxes. Sodas can be poured from 1.5 L bottles into compostable cups and juices can be prepared from concentrate at significantly reduced cost. Waste Less Living has decorative glass dispensers for rent at $15/piece. (Photograph Available)

6. Do you plan to serve alcoholic beverages?
Yes No 

TIP: using a keg for serving beer can significantly cut down on the volume of glass or aluminum cans to be recycled which would save on energy consumption! Less energy intensive from the front and back end of manufacturing, production and waste management.

7. Rather than offering water bottles, would you be interested in renting ($15/piece) a water crock dispenser (Photograph Available)?
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If yes, would you like us to include filtered water?
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TIP: using a water crock dispenser or water pitchers can significantly cut down on both plastic and water waste. It is more economical as well.

8. What is the time and address of your event?



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9. What time would you like us to drop off the product and pick up the organic waste? (We typically drop off approximately an hour before and pick up approximately half hour after.)

Drop Off Day:

Drop Off Time:

Pick Up Day:

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10. Contact and billing information?


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Although the items are compostable, they do require composting for they will not readily decompose in a landfill....so, disposal in your general trash can or recycling bin is not advised. The goal is to divert as much waste from our landfills as possible through avoidance and reduction efforts.

Our composting fee is set at $50 per bag. If recyclables are to be offered, such as aluminum cans and glass bottles, an additional $10 per bag applies. Typically, a party for up to 50 guests generates only one bag. Another benefit to our services, is that you pay for only what products have been opened. At the end of the party, we charge you for only those packages returned and undamaged.

Response to e-mail is generally within 24 hours.

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