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“Each year, forty billion plastic utensils are thrown into landfills across the country.” – The Green Book

Waste Less Living can help you transform the waste from your next party, fundraiser, or corporate function into a source for compost, not trash. We offer eco-friendly products, waste-less food and beverage alternatives and other more earth friendly décor solutions. Our eco-conscious consultants know how to minimize your waste loads up front so you end up with less waste to manage on the back end. It is our tried and true method of collection and disposal that will make your event more sustainable. Demonstrate your commitment to the environment by making your next event ‘Waste Less’.

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Product Lifecycle


  • Pre-planning consulting and zero-waste recommendations
  • Delivery of biodegradable/compostable tableware supplies and serving caddies
    • (When disposable goods are necessary, Waste Less Living offers a line of bio-degradable tableware, 100% plastic free products, like plates, cups and utensils made from renewable resources such as sugar, corn, wheat and 100% post-consumer waste paper.)
  • Educational and coordinated signage
  • Specially designed and marked receptacles for waste collection
  • Food waste collection and removal*
  • Other organic waste (compostable tableware) collection and removal*
  • On-site waste management and monitoring
  • Waste diversion reporting


*All organic waste collected (food scraps, tableware supplies and soiled paper goods) are recovered and removed for commercial composting.


  • Convenient and easy. We bring the supplies to you, remove the waste and compost it!
  • Affordable. The tableware we provide is competitively priced with disposal plastic-ware. No “green” premiums here.
  • Sustainable. With Waste Less Living, you can close the loop on the disposal of your food waste and compostable goods and help to replenish the resources used in the manufacturing and production process.


  • Are biodegradable and 100% compostable in a commercial composting facility (BPI certified and ASTM D6400 compliant)
  • Are made from renewable resources (i.e, corn, sugar, potatoes, post-consumer waste paper, wheat, rice, bamboo)
  • Are the eco-friendly alternative to plastic, Styrofoam and paper disposable tableware
  • Are affordable and competitively priced!
  • Are sourced from an environmentally and socially responsible manufacturer
  • Reduce green-house-gases (GHG) and other environmental impacts

CAUTION: Commercial composting is required for utensils and cold cups.  Recycling or disposing of these products in the trash should be avoided.   These products will not readily decompose into compost in a landfill environment or backyard compost pile.  Please be responsible in their use and disposal and consider WASTE LESS LIVING for your composting needs! 

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