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Waste Less Living offers schools (K-12) a unique, hands-on and complimentary environmental learning experience that can easily be integrated into existing math and science curriculum at any grade level. We have designed an education program that is not only highly effective in diverting waste from the landfill through composting, but also one that is student led and driven. Students learn the environmental impacts of solid waste generation and management and are, in turn, motivated and inspired to take action. With our program, schools can offer their students a real opportunity to affect positive change—change that is good for their school, for their community and, of course, good for their environment.

During the 2012-2013 school year, High Point Academy in Pasadena, CA diverted 87% of their waste from the landfill to a compost facility and generated an all time low of 6% that got trashed. Click here for an overview:  HPA2015_2016 ORP Overview

Interested in our services and would like to seek funding for your school? Here are some links to governmental and non-profit resources that support “greening” schools:

  1. http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/ReduceWaste/Schools/#Starting
  2. http://www.greenschools.net/section.php?id=76
  3. http://stepp.steppfoundation.org/about_us

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  • Solid waste audit and characterization
  • Infrastructure development
  • Eco-product procurement (compostable tableware)
  • Teacher, faculty and staff training
  • In-classroom student instruction
  • Parent education workshops
  • Zero-waste lunch demonstrations
  • On-call zero-waste consulting
  • Waste management oversight
  • Grant writing assistance


  • Integrative. Our program is designed to compliment existing math and science curriculum.
  • Immediate start up. No need to wait for the start of the new year! Your school can begin to divert a minimum of 50% of its waste stream at any time.
  • Student involvement. With our program, students are actively engaged in the waste management and reporting process on a daily basis.
  • Long term cost savings. Your school might just be spending too much on waste hauling fees. We can help you determine how much your school is wasting in waste management fees.
  • Measurable results and success. The amount of waste diverted from the landfill translates into significant reductions in green-house-gases and other environmental contaminants.
  • Sustainable. The goal of our program is to assist schools in their efforts at implementing an alternative waste management system (composting) to become the standard method for waste disposal.

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