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Allow us to source the ‘right’ and most environmentally preferable products for you!  Again, biodegradable is NOT compostable and ‘plant based’ does not necessary mean compostable either.  It’s confusing…..but not to us.  We are a trusted source for your ‘green product’ purchases.

At Waste Less Living, we support anything and everything that is made from renewable resources…..materials that can grow again and again and again.  Our top choice materials include:





These cups are made from corn grown in the USA. They are meant for cold drinks below 110 degrees F such as juices, iced-tea, sodas and water. 10 oz. and 12 oz. sizes in stock. Lids are also available.


These cups are either made from sugarcane fiber, known as bagasse, or from chlorine-free, FSC* certified paper lined with polylactic acid (PLA), a corn derivitive. They are meant for hot drinks up to 200 degrees F.

* Forest Stewardship Council – Sets standards for sustainable forest management practices.


These plates come in a variety of sizes…from small appetizer plates (6-inches) to large 3-compartment plates (10-inches) to 5-compartment style trays. They are made from sugarcane fiber, also known as bagasse, the fibers that are left over after harvesting of the sugarcane. A readily renewable resource, this material takes the place of your typical plastic and/or paper plate, able to withstand hot items. They are soak proof and unbleached plates are also available.


Our heat resistant utensils (up to 200 F) are made from at least 80% non-GMO* corn starch PLA resin and our non-heat resistant (up to 120 F) are made from 100% non-GMO corn. Both types are heavy duty and thick with a slightly different feel then the typical plastic utensil. These utensils require processing in a commercial composting facility and higher heat requirements than what occurs in most home composting systems.

*non-GMO – non genetically modified organism

THE TOWER GARDEN by JUICE PLUS https://wastelessliving.towergarden.com/

Another exclusive ‘WASTE LESS’ item that will help you on your path to sustainable living!  A great way to reduce waste, eat healthy and have fun!  ORDER YOURS TODAY and get your first crop in just 10 days!  We did.

You can visit our store to see it for yourself.  Call for an appointment:  626-786-5947.


An exclusive "WASTE LESS" item!

An exclusive “WASTE LESS” item!