Waste Less Living

Waste Less Consulting

“In 2008, Monster.com found that 92% of the undergrads they surveyed wanted to work for a green company.” – Green to Gold

We are an environmental consulting business specializing in alternative waste management planning with an emphasis on composting in the office and at home. We focus on evaluating existing waste management systems and processes currently in place in order to identify opportunities for more efficient and environmentally sound disposal methods. We have a unique approach to helping you meet, if not exceed, your waste diversion and reporting objectives. Some of our clients have realized a waste diversion rate as high as 76%. Our unique approach helps to advance the concept and adoption of sustainable systems and practices overall.


  • Solid Waste Audits and Assessments
  • Alternative Waste Management Planning
  • Green Building Performance Assessments
  • Education and Training
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Outreach
  • In-Home Consulting
  • Climate Profile Analysis

Waste Less Living’s team of consultants can analyze the environmental impact of your current waste generation practices and translate the impact into real-life equivalents. Implementation of an Alternative Waste Management plan involving composting can benefit the environment. A Climate Profile Analysis can show the real-life equivalent of the amount of landfill waste diverted to the number of cars potentially removed from the road or the annual emissions from the power consumption of X number of American households.


  • Cost savings through waste reduction practices
  • Positive public perception by being a good corporate citizen
  • Increased employee moral and retention as a result of instituting sound environmental practices
  • Potential to attract quality employees