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Congratulations! So you've finally found out about Waste Less Living and the new eco-friendly alternative for reducing waste at your school, business or next big bash! Whether it's your child's birthday party, school fundraiser, family reunion or corporate function or meeting, you have come to the right place. We can help you plan with zero-waste and sustainability in mind. No longer do you have to feel guilty about the waste you generate because we offer a tried and true method for giving you the most eco-friendly party experience! It all starts with reducing your waste up-front so that you have less waste to manage on the back-end.....and that means less waste going to the landfill.

Our mission at Waste Less Living is to improve the health and quality of our environment through sustainable lifestyle habits beginning with the practice of reducing waste. This means....

1. Minimize waste going to the landfill
2. Reduce our reliance on petroleum based disposable products
3. Promote the use of environmentally and socially responsible product alternatives
4. Educate the consumer about the environmental affects of waste generation
5. Educate the consumer on the proper use and disposal of compostable products

To date, Waste Less Living has diverted over 35,500 lbs of waste from the landfill....all of it sent to a commercial composting facility. We have a different view of "trash." We value all organic waste as raw material for the production of healthy soil to be used for growing your fruits and vegetables as well as your eco-friendly partyware. The ultimate in closed loop production and sustainable harvesting practices. It is the new way to be 'trashy' but classy!

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Waste Less Living offers a line of bio-degradable tableware, 100% plastic free products, like plates, cups and utensils made from renewable resources like sugar, corn, wheat and 100% post-consumer waste paper. More importantly, though, is the composting service Waste Less Living provides. Waste Less Living essentially delivers the product along with specially designed waste receptacles, liners, educational signage, and complimentary serving caddies. After the event, we return to pick-up the waste and any left-over supplies to be composted and NOT landfilled.

And that's not all....within a few days, you receive your very own Waste Diversion Report so you know exactly how you have helped keep our environment a bit cleaner.

One of Waste Less Living's goals is to educate the consumer on the proper use and disposal of the compostable tableware as well as on the misconceptions people have about landfills and the composting process...namely why compostable or food waste will not biodegrade in a landfill.

Planning your next party or event the 'green' way is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

1. E-mail ( or call (626) 786-5947 to request a quote for our products and composting service.

2. Answer a few questions.

3. Review the estimate.

4. Arrange for a delivery and pick-up time.

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