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Waste Less Living considers schools as a strategic partner because these institutions service and accommodate hundreds of students each day and, of course, schools need to manage the waste or discards they generate. Thousands of pounds of organic material, typically discarded food and paper as well as green waste are unknowingly tossed into the trash can each day destined for the landfill. There is a great opportunity for schools ‘to practice what they preach’ with respect to environmental stewardship. There are also many science, math and literacy lessons to be taught by revamping the way a school manages its waste stream. Schools have a real opportunity to divert a substantial amount of material from landfills while at the same time educating its students on the vast array of environmental science related topics. At Waste Less Living, we believe there are countless lessons for students to learn from when trash is no longer ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ Schools play a pivotal role in shaping the mentality and mindset of our youth today.


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